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Properties of ionic substances

Ionic substances have high melting points

Ionic substances have very high melting points

Have you every tried to melt salt, you would need 801 degrees C of heat at your disposal
Have you ever tried to melt salt? Its melting point is an incredible 801⁰C!

All ionic compounds have solid crystal structures

All ionic substances exist as solid crystal structures.

All ionic bonded compounds are crystalline in structure
Think of salt as being a big crystal structure.

Ionic substances dissolve in water

Ionic substances often dissolve in water.

Ionic substances dissolve in water
Salt dissolves in water.


Ionic compounds conduct electricity in solution

When salt dissolves in water, the sodium and chlorine dissociate from each other and this allows the solution to conduct electricity. (Note: in chemistry, the word is not 'disassociate')

Ionic substances conduct electricity in water its salts and minerals that conduct the electricity if exposed to it. Salt also conducts electricity around our body

Pure water does not conduct electricity, however usually water is able to conduct electricity because of the impurities it contains.

If you add salt to pure water, the water will be able to carry electricity and you will get a shock (and probably die). 


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