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Powers and roots

Indices – (or index) says how many times to use the number in a multiplication, called a POWER.

Sea power in world war two shows who has the power 

In the seas, (indices) remember who has the POWER.


Example 1

 `5^4 = 5` to the power of `4`

    `= 5\times5\times5\times 5 = 625`


Example 2

Example 2 five to the power of two is twenty five

This is said to be `5` to the power of `2`. When a number is to the power of `2` it is said to be squared.


Example 3

Example 3 four cubed is sixty four

This is said to be `4` to the power of `3` which is `4\times4\times4 = 64`.


Example 4


Here `9` is to the power of a half, which is the same as the square root, which in this case is `3`.


Example 5


This is `x` to the power of `2`. Which is `x` squared, which is   `x\ times\ x`

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