Mammoth Memory

Congruent - the same

Two shapes are congruent when you can turn, flip, and or slide one so it fits exactly on top of the other (identical size and shape) - the same.

1. congruent shapes.jpg

The con grew ants (congruent), but they all looked exactly the same.


Example 1

71. the arrows face each other but are congruent.jpg 

If these arrows were placed on top of each other and were facing the same way, they would be exactly the same and so they are congruent.


Example 2

71. slide the triangle to show it is congruent_1.jpg

These two triangles are congruent because if you slide them over each other, they would fit perfectly.


Example 3

72. rotate the rectangle to demonstrate it is a congruent.jpg

Although one of these rectangles is on its side, they are still congruent. If you rotate one, it would fit perfectly over the other.


Example 4

72. congruent leaves-01_1.jpg

These odd shapes fit perfectly over one another, and so they are congruent shapes.

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