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Geometry is the relationship of lines, angles, curves, surfaces, solids and points.

This is easier to remember when you see

Geometry tree could it fall on me? Will help you remember that geometry is about the relationship of angles lines and points

Gee will it fall on me, the tree? (geometry)

Geometry is about triangles

A right angled triangle sith sides A B C is a geometric shape

An acute triangle shuch as this one is a geometric shape 

 An obtuse triangle shuch as this one is a geometric shape

Geometry is about parallel lines

Parralel lines such as these drawn by pencils are governed by the rules of geometry

I don’t believe we have ever met.

Geometry is about circumference and perimeters.

A perimeter placed around the united states circuference because perimeters matter

Because perimeters matter.

Geometry is about volume of pyramid and cones.

How much ice cream can fit in a cone is a maths problem that can be solved with geometry

How much ice cream can I get in this cone?

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