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Bar graph

A pictorial representation of data shown using parallel bars of varying heights. The bars do not touch as the data is about categories.

Woman in a jail looks out between the gaps in the bars which can help you remember a bar chart has gaps between the data categories

Bar charts display data but there are gaps between bars (just like in a jail) (data has gaps between them).


Example 1

Example 1 of a bar chart with gaps between the data sets which split sports into categories of soccer basketball tennis hockey and baseball

This bar graph has no cross over of sports so in the above bar chart they each have their own category and each bar is separate. The height of the bars shows the number of people who play that sport.


Example 2

Bar chart with gaps between the data sets which separate the different types of technology into categories of computer tv telephone radio ipod and webcam

There is clear separation between the bars on the bar graph above.


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