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Multiplication Fractions = Think `1/2`

Whenever you see the word fractions think of `1/2`

Multiplication fractions mnemonic round rock in the sea fractured and split in half to remind you to think half for multiplication of fractions

The fractured (fraction) rock was split in half (`1/2`) 

To remember how to calculate fractions always think of a `1/2` and work it out from there:

Half times a half is easy you know it’s a quarter blue box

From this you can use logic and ask yourself how do you get from `1/2` of a `1/2` to equal a `1/4`

It must be: `(1times1)/(2times2)=1/4` (It couldn’t be anything else)

So use this logic for all other multiplication of fractions.

Example 1

Work out  `3/4\ times1/3`

1.4 2 blue box multiplication_1.jpg 

Therefore `3/4\ times1/3=(3\times1)/(4times3)=3/12\ or\ 1/4`   


Example 2

What is  `1/2\times 1/3`

1.4 2 blue box multiplication_1.jpg

Therefore `1/2\ times1/3=(1times1)/(2times3)=1/6`


Example 3

Work out `1\3/4\times2\1/2`

This means work out  `7/4\times5/2`

Example 1 Multiplication of fractions half times half first remember how do I get from half times half to a quarter

Therefore `7/4\times5/2=35/8\ or\ 4\3/8`  


Do this on any multiplication of a fraction and you will always get the correct answer.

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