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Multiplication Fractions = Think `1/2`

Whenever you see the word fractions think of `1/2`

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The fractured (fraction) rock was split in half (`1/2`) 

To remember how to calculate fractions always think of a `1/2` and work it out from there:

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From this you can use logic and ask yourself how do you get from `1/2` of a `1/2` to equal a `1/4`

It must be: `(1times1)/(2times2)=1/4` (It couldn’t be anything else)

So use this logic for all other multiplication of fractions.

Example 1

Work out  `3/4\ times1/3`

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Therefore `3/4\ times1/3=(3\times1)/(4times3)=3/12\ or\ 1/4`   


Example 2

What is  `1/2\times 1/3`

Therefore `1/2\ times1/3=(1times1)/(2times3)=1/6`

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Example 3

Work out `1\3/4\times2\1/2`

This means work out  `7/4\times5/2`

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Therefore `7/4\times5/2=35/8\ or\ 4\3/8`  


Do this on any multiplication of a fraction and you will always get the correct answer.

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