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Vocabulary Word Test

Here's a really quick way of testing if you've learned the meanings of the words in this section. Look at the word definitions below and see if you can remember what each word is from their definitions.

If you get stuck, you can be shown a hint to reveal an image that should help you remember.

To check if you're right, or remind you if you've forgotten, press "Reveal Answer".

Go through the whole list to see how many words you can recall. Revisit any that you had difficulty remembering until you're confident you can recall all of them.


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  • Very unpleasant Answer: Abominable Mnemonic
  • Repulsive, or causing hatred or disgust Answer: Loathsome Mnemonic
  • An attack, or causing upset Answer: Offensive Mnemonic
  • Feeling of sickness Answer: Nausea Mnemonic
  • Extremely unpleasant Answer: Odious Mnemonic
  • Very unpleasant Answer: Obnoxious Mnemonic
  • Roomy having a lot of space. Large in capacity Answer: Capacious Mnemonic
  • Strict and severe Answer: Stern Mnemonic
  • Mark or stain on someone's name Answer: Stigma Mnemonic
  • Self-important Answer: Pompous Mnemonic
  • Pompous words (full of hot air) Answer: Bombast Mnemonic
  • Thorough, completeĀ or fundamental Answer: Radical Mnemonic
  • Illegal Answer: Illicit Mnemonic
  • Generous, tolerant, excessive Answer: Liberal Mnemonic
  • Brief biography of deceased person Answer: Obituary Mnemonic
  • For profit Answer: Commercial Mnemonic
  • Standards by which to judge something Answer: Criteria Mnemonic
  • In two minds, unsure what to do Answer: Quandary Mnemonic
  • Uneducated, particularly about arts Answer: Philistine Mnemonic
  • Ruler with absolute power Answer: Autocrat Mnemonic

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