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6.  Adverb – a word that tells you more about the verb, i.e. adds to the verb

If a word ends in LY, it is most likely an adverb (although not all words that end in LY are adverbs, and some adverbs don’t end in LY – for instance, elderly and lonely are adjectives; fast and very can be adverbs).

If a word answers How? When? Where? How often? or What way? – then it is quite likely to be an adverb.

An adverb enhances a verb

They added to the verbal (verb) abuse by lying (ly) to the police.


 How and when is an adverb

The police had to work harder to find out who really lied by asking:

How did they lie?

When did they lie?

How often did they lie?

In what way did they lie?

Adverbs answer How? When? Where? How often? What way?

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