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Spanish Word Test

Here's a really quick way of testing if you've learned the meanings of the words in this section. Look at the word definitions below and see if you can remember what each word is from their definitions.

If you get stuck, you can be shown a hint to reveal an image that should help you remember.

To check if you're right, or remind you if you've forgotten, press "Reveal Answer".

Go through the whole list to see how many words you can recall. Revisit any that you had difficulty remembering until you're confident you can recall all of them.


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  • El adios Answer: Goodbye Mnemonic
  • La agua Answer: Water Mnemonic
  • La bicicleta Answer: Bicycle Mnemonic
  • El restaurante Answer: Restaurant Mnemonic
  • El baño Answer: Toilet Mnemonic
  • El dormitorio Answer: Bedroom Mnemonic
  • El amor Answer: Love Mnemonic
  • La mar Answer: Sea Mnemonic
  • Porque Answer: Because Mnemonic
  • El primero Answer: First Mnemonic
  • El autobús Answer: Bus Mnemonic
  • El tren Answer: Train Mnemonic
  • El padre Answer: Father Mnemonic
  • Tranquilo Answer: Quiet Mnemonic
  • El jardin Answer: Garden Mnemonic
  • El dia Answer: Day Mnemonic
  • La fabrica Answer: Factory Mnemonic
  • La cerveza Answer: Beer Mnemonic
  • La col Answer: Cabbage Mnemonic
  • El piso Answer: Floor Mnemonic

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