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Music Vocabulary Test Yourself

Here's a really quick way of testing if you've learned the meanings of the key words in this section. Look at the key word on the left and see if you can remember its definition.

If you get stuck, you can be shown a hint on the right to reveal an image that should help you remember.

To check if you're right, or remind you if you've forgotten, press "Reveal".

Go through the whole list to see how many definitions you can recall. Revisit any that you had difficulty remembering until you're confident you can recall all of them.

  • Gradually getting faster. Answer: Accelerando Hint
  • Very slow. Answer: Adagio Hint
  • Fairly quickly. Answer: Allegretto Hint
  • Quick. Answer: Allegro Hint
  • At a medium ("walking") speed. Answer: Andante Hint
  • In a singing style. Answer: Cantabile Hint
  • Gradually getting louder. Answer: Crescendo Hint
  • Repeating from the beginning. Answer: Da Capo (or D.C.) Hint
  • Repeat from the sign. Answer: Dal Segno (or D.S.) Hint
  • Gradually getting quieter. Answer: Decrescendo Hint
  • Gradually getting quieter and slowing down. Answer: Diminuendo Hint
  • The end. Answer: Fine Hint
  • Loud. Answer: Forte Hint
  • Very loud. Answer: Fortissimo Hint
  • Smoothly. Answer: Legato Hint
  • Slow. Answer: Lento Hint
  • Half. Answer: Mezzo Hint
  • Literally "half" loud; moderately loud. Answer: Mezzo Forte (mf.) Hint
  • Literally "half" quiet, moderately quiet. Answer: Mezzo Piano (MP) Hint
  • At a moderate pace. Answer: Moderato Hint
  • Quietly. Answer: Piano (P.) Hint
  • Very quiet. Answer: Pianissimo (PP.) Hint
  • A little. Answer: Poco Hint
  • Gradually getting slower. Answer: Rallentando (or rallo) Hint
  • Gradually getting slower. Answer: Ritardando (or ritard. or rit.) Hint
  • An immediate, or sudden, reduction in speed or tempo. Answer: Ritenuto (riten. or rit.) Hint
  • Each note detached or separated from each other. Answer: Staccato (or stacc.) Hint
  • Speed, time. Answer: Tempo Hint
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