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Transformer - Energy can not be lost or gained

Now we know that double the coils doubles the voltage and therefore:

`V_1/V_2=(Number\ \turns\ \1)/(Number\ \ turns\ \2)`

We must also remember that:

Power can not be lost or gained

Therefore as `Power=VI`  (see mnemonic for electrical  power)

`V\o\l\t\a\g\e\ \1xxCurrent\ \1=Primary\ \Power=S\e\c\o\n\d\a\r\y\ \Power=V\o\l\t\a\g\e\ \2xxCurrent\ \2`

(NOTE: Secondary power is slightly less due to small inefficiences but they are ignored here)


This is an easy way for you to remember that:





1000 v and 1 A equals 1000 watts

1 volt and 1000A equals 1000 watts

500 v and 2 A equals 1000 watts

5 v and 200 Amp equals 1000 watts



Therefore because




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