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Symmetric – Identical parts facing each other. The simplest type is a mirror.

1. mirror tick = symmetric 3.jpg

See metal tick (symmetric) with a mirror. (Mirrors always provide a symmetrical view in reflection.)

Example 1

63. a circle is symmetrical-01.jpg

A circle is symmetrical through any line that divides it perfectly in half.


Example 2

64. a rectangle is symmetrical-01.jpg

A rectangle is symmetrical about a vertical line through the centre, and a horizontal line through the centre.


Example 3

64. a triangle is symmetrical-01.jpg

This triangle is symmetrical about the vertical line passing through its centre.


Example 4

64. symmetrical aeroplane-01.jpg

This plane shape is symmetrical about the red line that passes through it. 

Example 5

65. symmetrical lines.jpg

Lines such as the ones above or those on a graph may also be symmetrical.

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