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Perpendicular- At an angle of 90° to a given line (or plane or surface).

1. purpendicular means 90 degrees to a given line-01.jpg

Purple dictionary (perpendicular) sat on the book shelf at 90° angle.


Purple dictionary is perpendicular to the book shelf.

Example 1

2. Tower bride has towers that are perpendicular to the road 2.jpg

The towers are perpendicular to the road of the bridge.


Example 2

3. Example 2 Perpendicular lines-01.jpg

Although the blue line is on an incline, the red line is still at 90° to it and so is perpendicular to the blue line.


Example 3

4. Example 3- perpendicular sides of a cube-01.jpg

The sides of a cube are perpendicular to each adjoining side.


Example 4

5. Railway sleepers are perpendicular to the track.jpg

Railway sleepers are laid perpendicular to the track.

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