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Alabama – Alabama’s capital is Montgomery

(Pronounced al-uh-bam-uh and mont-gohm-uh-ree)

To remember the capital of the US state Alabama, use the following mnemonic:

The alligator’s mouth shut BAM! (Alabama) and then the monster was gone (Montgomery).

The alligators mouth shut BAM! (Alabama) and then the monster was gone (Montgomery).

Alabama is nicknamed the "Yellowhammer" state – after the official state bird – and is also known as "the cotton state" and "the Heart of Dixie" (the Southern states are often referred to as "Dixieland"). It is a former "slave state" and suffered economic hardship over many years up to the Second World War due to its dependence on agriculture. The state's economy is now based on management, finance, manufacturing, aerospace, mineral extraction and technology. Farming now accounts for just one per cent of the state's gross domestic product.

Alabama's capital city, Montgomery, was a major centre for protests and events in the Civil Rights movement in which black Americans sought equality with whites in the mid-20th Century. It is a major centre for the processing of cotton, peanuts and soybeans. Due to its position on the Alabama River and its extensive rail connections, Montgomery is a regional distribution hub for a  large number of industries.

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