Mammoth Memory

Exoskeletons and Chitin

Exoskeletons are often formed of chitin. This is pronounced ‘kite tin’.­­

Chitin is a rigid modified glucose that forms around an organism

The crab had hold of a kite made of tin (chitin), but the kite flew out of the exit (exoskeleton) door.

Crabs have exoskeletons, and the exit door reminds us of exoskeletons.

To grow animals like the grasshopper or crabs have to she there old exoskeleton and grow another one, crabs do this during large gatherings for protection in numbers from predators

A grasshopper emerges from its former exoskeleton.

As chitinous exoskeletons are rigid, they need to be shed in order to accommodate the animal’s growth. A new, larger exoskeleton is secreted from the epidermis, prior to the shedding of the old one. Chitin is formed of modified glucose molecules.

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