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If you know lots of words, you will be able to express yourself better and also be better placed to understand all types of written text and what people are saying to you.

It follows that an extensive vocabulary can help you achieve higher grades in examinations – particularly English exams – and help you to succeed at work, perhaps gaining promotion more rapidly.

vocabulary learn 500 new words you can have best office in building if you have good vocabulary

You have such an effective command of the English language that you can have the best office in the building.

You can achieve this by learning TWO THOUSAND new words.

You can achieve this by learning TWO THOUSAND new words.

The magic number – 2,000 new words.


Practise every day for half an hour.

revise words increase vocabulary practise new words every day mum tells reluctant teenager to study learn thousands of new words 

Work both ways – words to definitions or definitions to words. Amazingly, mnemonics work both ways.


Discipline and practise of vocabulary can result in a massive improvement in your wage. An employer will believe you’re very intelligent and will pay more (but only if you ask, because you only get what you ask for – you can’t be shy in business).


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