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Berate – To speak in an angry manner to someone


(Pronounced bih-rate)

To remember the definition of the word berate, use the following mnemonic:

''B-rated! B-rated!'', (berate) he shouted in an angry manner. ''You need to be A-rated. You must do better!''

'B'rated! B-rated!' (berate) He shouted in an angry manner. 'You need to be A'rated. you must do better!'


Examples of berate in a sentence

As the director started to berate the cast for the hundredth time, several of the lead actors walked out.

Even though she didn’t want to be harsh, Nurse Jean felt she had to berate the patient for trying to get out of bed. 

The poor sales clerk just stood there helplessly as the enraged customer began to berate him.

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