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Facsimile – an exact copy of something


(Pronounced faks-im-ill-ee)


To remember the definition of the word facsimile, use the following mnemonic:

Fax physically (facsimile) an exact copy of something.

Fax physically (facsimile) an exact copy of something.

Copies of documents sent via facsimile machines are known as faxes, and the act of sending them is called faxing, but the word facsimile was used to refer to copies of things long before the fax machine was invented.


Examples of facsimile in a sentence

The antiquarian book dealer could tell the book was a facsimile of the original.

It was a perfect facsimile, every last detail identical to the original.

His supposed research findings were merely a facsimile of a similar study performed years ago.

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