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Fathom – 1. Measure of depth of water – equal to 6 feet (1.8 metres) 2. To discover the meaning of something


(Pronounced fa-thum – th as in father)

To remember the definition of the word fathom, use the following mnemonic:

He had a fat thumb (fathom) but the doctor couldn't discover the reason why! But soaking it in a measure of water helped relieve the pain. 

She had a fat thumb (fathom) but the doctor couldnt discover the reason why

This is the image of a boy using a measure of water to sooth his thumb(fathom)

Examples of fathom (measure of water depth) in a sentence

The boat sank 20 fathoms to the bottom of the sea.

The lake was only 2 fathoms deep in the middle.

The average depth in the harbour is about eight fathoms, but the depth in the channel leading to it is slightly less.


Examples of fathom (discover the meaning of something) in a sentence

The police couldn't fathom how the burglars had gotten into the house.

The reasons for their attraction were not hard to fathom.

The onset of tantrums are hard for any parent to fathom.

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