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Gratuitous - Done without good reason


(Pronounced gra-tyoo-i-tuhs)


When an act is gratuitous it means an excessive amount of content that isn't necessary; such as gratuitous violence, nudity or profanity.

To remember the definition of the word gratuitous, use the following mnemonic:

Grate two of us? (gratuitous) One would have been enough - two is uncalled for.

Grate two of us (gratuitous)? One would have been enough - two is uncalled for.


Examples of gratuitous in a sentence

Even though I had been looking forward to seeing the movie, I walked out of the theatre after thirty minutes because of so much gratuitous violence.

Despite coming in at third place, he indulged in some gratuitous self-glorification, to the dismay of all his friends.

Since her son had already served his hours of community service for the vandalism, she thought that the school’s additional punishment was gratuitous.

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