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Quandary – in two minds, unsure what to do


(Pronounced kwon-dree)


To remember the definition of the word quandary, use the following mnemonic:

The wand from the tree (quandary) was useless – it was broken in two (two minds).

The wand from the tree (quandary) was useless – it was broken in two (two minds).

Words with a similar meaning to quandary include unsure, dilemma and predicament.


Examples of quandary in a sentence

She was in a quandary as to whether she should take the job or go to university.

The game show host put John in a quandary when she told him he could either take the money or choose a mystery prize that might be worth much more.

Jane was in a quandary over whether or not she should keep the money she found on the pavement.

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