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Succinct – concise, clear and to the point


(Pronounced suck-sinkt)


Succinct means concise, clear and to the point.

To remember the definition of the word succinct, use the following mnemonic:

He sucked the sink (succinct) out and it cleared the blockage.

He sucked the sink (succinct) out and it cleared (clear) the blockage.

Other words with a similar meaning to succinct include brief, pithy, compact and precise.


Examples of succinct in a sentence

The Minister's respsonse to the backbench MP's question was succinct – a complete answer but with no wasted words.

Because the professor's students were easily bored, he made his lectures succinct – short and to the point.

Her presentation was succinct, but with more detailed explanations provided during the question and answer session that followed.

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