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Sundry – Various items but not important


(Pronounced sun-dree)


Sundry means a number of items with no great value which are too numerous to mention individually. 

The word is often used in the phrase "all and sundry", meaning "everybody" or "one and all". 

To remember the definition of the word sundry, use the following mnemonic:

Sun dry (sundry) various kinds of foods if it's not important to eat them fresh. 

Sun dry (sundry) various kinds of food in the sun if it's not important to eat them fresh.


Examples of sundry in a sentence

Letters, bills, postcards and all sorts of sundry items of promotional material arrived through the letterbox. 

You should try to weave together facts, anecdotes and assorted sundry information to create a masterpiece. 

Crisps, cheese, crackers, olives and other sundry delicacies were on offer. 

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