Mammoth Memory

Remember Formula Aerobic Respiration 

Remember the formula for respiration is the same as in plants above i.e.

The mnemonic for recalling the formula for respiration is:

Cows Eat Wet Grass Outside


Convert this statement to the following formula:

     Cows = CO2

        Eat = Energy

       Wet = Water (H2O)

    Grass = Glucose

 Outside = Oxygen (O2)


This becomes:

CO2 + Energy (ATP) + H2O = Glucose + O2

And in reverse, to make it respiration (i.e. respiration is the production of energy):

Glucose + O2 = CO2 + Energy (ATP) + H2O


Mitochondria takes glucose and oxygen and converts it into carbon dioxide, energy molecules called ATP and water. 

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