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CHAUVINIST – prejudiced support of your own cause, group or sex


(Pronounced shoh-vuh-nist)


A chauvinist is a person who demonstrates excessive or prejudiced support for their own cause, group, or sex; a man who believes women are inferior. 

To remember the definition of the word chauvinist, use the following mnemonic:

She showed the van a fist (chauvinist) because the driver believed that women are inferior.

 Show van a fist (chauvinist) because the driver believes women are inferior.


Examples of chauvinist in a sentence

Despite the chauvinism of the male footballers, Jess went on to become a successful footballer.

Her husband's such a chauvinist that he tries to tell her how to think and act.

She was so angry at his sexist remarks that she called him a male chauvinist pig.

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