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Cordial – 1. friendly and welcoming 2. a sweet, fruit flavoured drink

(Pronounced kor-dee-uhl)

To remember the definition of the word cordial, use the following mnemonic:

Tie a cord on the eel (cordial) so it can't drink my sweet, fruit flavoured drink or disturb my friendly and welcoming chat. 

He tied a cord to his eel (cordial) so it would be warm and friendly while he shared a sweet, fruit flavoured drink with his friend

Examples of cordial in a sentence (friendly and welcoming)

He was given a cordial greeting when he arrived at his old friends house. 

The welcome from their new neighbours was far from cordial

She was warned by her mother that she would be grounded if she wasn't cordial at dinner tonight.


Examples of cordial in a sentence (a sweet, fruit flavoured drink)

His mother had hid the cordial because he wouldn't stop drinking it.

She only intended to buy some cordial at the shop but returned with an absurd amount of snacks and sweets. 

The new flavour of cordial he bought was awful, but he drank it anyway as he didn't want it to go to waste.

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