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Slander – A false statement against another person


(Pronounced slan-dur)


Slander is a false statement against another person (a lie), which damages the reputation of the person.

Note: Slander is usually oral (spoken) lie (or defamation). Libel is written defamation.

To remember the definition of the word slander, use the following mnemonic:

He was slammed underground (slander) for telling a lie.

Slam under (slander) ground for telling a lie.


Examples of slander in a sentence

To win the election for homecoming queen, Jill resorted to slander to ruin her competitors’ reputations.

When the singer heard the reporter made a false claim about her on the news, she asked her lawyer to sue the network for slander.

The politician’s attempts to slander his rival with lies backfired and cost him the election.


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