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California – California's capital is Sacramento

(Pronounced Kal-if-orn-ee-ah and Sak-ruh-men-toh)

To remember the capital of the US state California, use the following mnemonic:

In California, they all wear sacred mementoes (Sacramento) around their necks.


In California they all wear sacred mementos (Sacramento) around their necks.


We are assuming that you can picture California as a surfer's paradise.


With a population of nearly 40 million, California is the most populous U.S. state. It is also the third-largest state by area (after Alaska and Texas). It is a global centre for information technology, including social media, and the film industry. If California were a country, it would be the world's fifth-largest economy (bigger than the UK). The state's economy is diverse, with 58% of it based on finance, government, real estate services, technology and professional, scientific and technical business services. Agriculture accounts for just 1.5% of California's economy, yet it still has the highest agricultural output of any U.S. state.

The state capital of California, Sacramento, is home to half a million people, which makes it only the sixth-largest city in the state. The city is a notable financial centre and a major base for the healthcare industry. Sacramento's numerous museums help to make it a notable tourist destination. It is also a major educational hub, being the home of California State University (CSU) and University of California, Davis (UC Davis), including the UC Davis Medical Centre and the UC Davis School of Medicine. Time Magazine once described Sacramento as "American's most diverse city".



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