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July – el julio


(Pronounced hoo-lee-oh)

To remember that July is pronounced hoo-lee-oh (julio) in Spanish, use the following mnemonic:

He's due a lie down (July) – but whose leotard (julio) is that?

He's due a lie down (july - nut whose leotard (julio) is that?

NOTE: The way Mammoth Memory remembers July is to think of it as the month when you're due a lie. See our Remembering Months section.

Please also note that names of the months in Spanish do NOT have a capital letter at the start, so its julio NOT Julio.

Note also that June (hoo-nee-oh) and July (hoo-lee-oh) sound very similar but June has the N for nee and July has the L for lee. 


In Spanish, all of the months of the year are masculine, so it’s el enero, el febrero, el marzo, el abril, el mayo, el junio, el julio, el agosto, el septiembre, el octubre, el noviembre and el diciembre.


Imagine elephants that take a bath once a month.

Imagine elephants that take a bath once a month.

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