Mammoth Memory

September – le septembre

(Pronounced sep-tom-brah)

The septic tank team member (September) felt really tired and her clothes stank awfully as she walked home through the churchyard. So she took off her clothes and slept on a tomb wearing just her bra (septembre).

Septic tank team member (September)  stepped on bra (septembre)


The way Mammoth Memory remembers September is to think of septic (tank) member. See our Remembering Months section.


Please also note that names of the months in French do NOT have a capital letter at the start, so it’s août, NOT Août.


The months of the year in French are all masculine, so it’s le janvier, le février, le mars, le avril, le mai, le juin, le juillet, l’août, le septembre, l’octobre, le novembre and le decembre.


Imagine the early learner with his calendar of the months of the year:

Imagine the early learner posing for a calendar – a different picture for each month of the year:



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