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When you meet someone whose name you wish to remember, as soon as you leave the person’s presence, file their name in your phone.



Helen at No 10 (Helen, hell of a woman)

George next door (George Jaws)

Pat and Jerry live at No 3 (Pat Head, Tom & Jerry).




Jenny sits at the front (Jenny genuflect)

Steve has big Afro hair (Steve made of steel)

Leslie always rides a bike (Leslie has a wife)



Gymnastics mums/dads

Peter wears giant glasses (Peter peed)

Karen carries two children (Karen carries)

Pam has best gymnast child (Pam pampered)

Rachel always reads (Rachel ray gun)



School teachers

Mrs Rock form teacher (rock, scissors, paper)

Mr Jenkins head teacher (Mr Jenkins generates energy)

Mrs Sparrow PE teacher (sparrow bird)
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