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If you really want to become brilliant at remembering people’s names, you will need to perform an imaginary action on their face with the pretend surname.

Look out for a key feature on each person’s face. You can then start to associate the surname with the feature.


Example 1

If you meet an Amanda:

Imagine Amanda as a panda

Amanda – panda

Perhaps she has dark rings around her eyes?


Example 2

Meeting a Darren:

Remember Darren image

Darren (Dar-ren) the wren(ch)

(Because the wrench sounds like Darren)

Has he got big ears that will undo with a monkey wrench?


Example 3

Meeting a Shirley:

Remember Shirley with curly hair

Shirley is curly

If you put grow-fast on her hair will it look like the above?


For a more detailed explanation, look at our later examples in which someone has a big nose.




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