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Metamorphic rock

Examples of metamorphic rock are marble and slate.
Metamorphic rock is formed by the action of heat and pressure on sedimentary (which is limestone, sandstone or shale) or igneous rocks (which is granite, basalt or pumice) over long periods of time. It is the transformation of a pre-existing rock into a different type of rock. For example, limestone can turn into marble and shale can form into slate.

Metamorphic rock is the process of heat and pressure over long periods that transforms the rock
Imagine you met someone who morphed (metamorphic) from a punk rocker to a glam rocker. 


Use this image of a metamorphic rocker to see him make marble and slate. This will remind you that examples of metamorphic rock are marbles and slate.

Limestone forms into marble

An example of metamorphic rock is marble, Limestone turns to marble over millions of years from large pressures
To help you remember that limestone can turn into marble over millions of years, imagine squeezing a lime fruit, and it coming out of the squeezer as a very hard marble.


Shale forms into slate

Slate is formed over millions of years from pressuring and heating shale at the right amount, Mountains in North Wales are rich in slate if mined
To remember that shale – which is mostly composed of mud - can turn into slate with the right amount of pressure and heat over millions of years, imagine a mud pie being placed in an oven and coming out as a roof slate.


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