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Battle of Midway - Date

The United States navy defeated an attacking fleet of the Japanese navy. It was a devastating blow to the Japanese ability to fight the USA.

The Japanese launched aircraft at

Midway Atoll (The Japanese would pay a heavy toll (Atoll))

The date was June 4 1942.

An easy way to remember the year is to use the word "Midway"

1942 is midway between the beginning and end of the war.

The battle of midway took place midway through World War II

June is the midway point of the year:

JUNE = 6th month (halfway or midway)

It was the 4th day and the best way to remember that, is the Japanese lost 4 aircraft carriers on the 4th day of June.

Japanese Aircraft carriers - World War II remember the 4th Day



4th Day 6th Month (June) 1942
(Lost 4 aircraft carriers) (Midway months) (Midway years)
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