Mammoth Memory

The eye – like a camera

When an eye works correctly, an object at a distance will be focused on the back of the retina. The eye works in a very similar manner to a camera. The light passing through the eye will be refracted through the front of the eye and will pass through the principal axis, continuing on to form an image upside down on the retina just as an upside down image is formed on the film or light sensor in a camera.

Ladybird focused on the retina of a human eye

Image of a ladybird on the retina of the eye.

NOTE: The terms `do` and `di` are explained in Mammoth Memory convex lens and Mammoth Memory concave lens.

Image being focused on the light sensor of a camera

Image formed on the light sensor of a camera.

Convex lens focusing a pencil image onto a piece of paper

Image formed through a convex lens.

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