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Scientists found that if they wrapped two identical coils next to each other on a core of square steel plates held apart by thin sheets of insulation . . .

Transformer made from steel plates held apart by insulation.

. . . then if an alternating voltage and current was applied across coil 1, nearly 100% of the energy was transferred to coil 2. The same voltage and current results in coil 2, and at the same frequency (but only if the number of turns on each coil is the same). 

Example of a transformer being used in an electrical circuit.

So energy can be transferred from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction.

The core is not designed to have current flow through it, although some current is induced in the core (called eddy currents) and these are minimized with insulation layers between the plates.

The alternating magnetic field of a transformer.

The alternating current through the first coil produces a continually changing and alternating magnetic field in the core that cuts through the second coil and induces an electrical voltage and current. These transformers do not work for direct current.



Transformers only work using alternating current supply.


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