Mammoth Memory


Cells are the building blocks of life!

Plans were drawn up to build a new block of prison cells.

Mnemonic showing a prison cells depicting a cell 

The cells were to be built on top of each other.

Mnemonic showing cells are building blocks of life 

What’s in all cells?

1.  Nucleus

Mnemonic to remember nucleus in plant and animal cells

A nuclear (nucleus) power plant was cleared out to make way for the new cells 


The nucleus is in plants and animals.

2.  Membrane

Mnemonic to remember membrane in plant and animal cells

Members of all brainy groups (membrane) were all thrown into the new jail.


The membrane is in plants and animals. 

3.  Ribosomes

Mnemonic to remember ribosomes in plant and animal cells

The first thing they were asked to do was to take their ribbons out (ribosomes),


Ribosomes are in plants and animals.

4.  Mitochondria

Mnemonic to remember mitochondria in plant and animal cells

Next, they were warned about talking to three oversized fellow convicts known as the Mighty Con Trio (mitochondria), who were very powerful and often recruited new prisoners to help with illegal activities.


Mitochondria are in plants and animals

5.  Cytoplasm

Mnemonic to remember cytoplasm in plant and animal cells

The members of brainy (membrane) groups, eventually settle in when guards site a plasma (cytoplasm) TV in their prison cells.


Cytoplasm is in plants and animals

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