Mammoth Memory

Plants cells have a couple more things…

Image of plants in relation to the mnemonic story reverse page

After many years, the prison had many plants and trees growing on it, and the prisoners were allowed plants in their cells.


Mnemonic to remember vacuole these are large in plant cells and very small in animal cells

The two sisters had been so well behaved they were allowed to use giant vacuum cleaners (vacuole) to clean all the halls.


Large vacuoles are only in plants (animal cells have vacuoles too but they are much smaller).

Cell wall

Mnemonic to remember cell walls only in plants

While vacuuming, they had to keep clear of one prisoner, kept in a special cell made of brick walls (cell wall), because she was mentally disturbed and violent 


Cell walls are only in plants


 Mnemonic to remember chloroplasts only in plants

She often cut herself, and the prison medics were always putting green plasters on her. But whenever a plaster was put on, she would just claw the plaster off (chloroplast). Chloroplasts are green.


Chloroplasts are only in plants.

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