Mammoth Memory


The classification of living things is called taxonomy.

 A graphic to show that taxonomy can be remembered by thinking of a taxi

You can remember this if you think of a class of car (classification) called “taxi” (taxonomy).

 Mnemonic to show the seven characteristics of taxonomy through taxi ranks.

The method of taxonomy widely used today has different ranks (seven of them) called:

  1. Kingdom
  2. Phylum
  3. Class
  4. Order
  5. Family
  6. Genus
  7. Species

Taxonomy ranks were developed by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus (pronounced LIN-EE-USS) in the 18th century.

 Taxonomy ranks where developed by Carl Linnaeus, taxi rank memory aid graphic

Taxi ranks are basically car (Carl) lines for us (Linnaeus), to see where the taxis park.

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