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Here's a really quick way of testing if you've learned the meanings of the key words in this section. Look at the key word on the left and see if you can remember its definition.

If you get stuck, you can be shown a hint on the right to reveal an image that should help you remember.

To check if you're right, or remind you if you've forgotten, press "Reveal".

Go through the whole list to see how many definitions you can recall. Revisit any that you had difficulty remembering until you're confident you can recall all of them.

  • What is taxonomy Answer: The classification of living things Hint
  • Who developed taxonomy ranks Answer: Carl Linnaeus Hint
  • The easiest way to remember the order of taxonomic ranks is to picture our mnemonic story. Using this story, what is the order of the seven ranks?
  • 1. Answer: Kingdom Hint
  • 2. Answer: Phylum Hint
  • 3. Answer: Class Hint
  • 4. Answer: Order Hint
  • 5. Answer: Family Hint
  • 6. Answer: Genus Hint
  • 7. Answer: Species Hint
  • What sentence can help you remember the seven ranks? Answer: King Philip Came Over From Great Spain Hint
  • The scientific name combining the last two ranks is known as? Answer: The Binomial system Hint
  • What's the scientific name for domestic cats? Answer: Felis catus Hint
  • What's the scientific name for humans? Answer: Homo sapiens Hint
  • What's the scientific name for rubber plants? Answer: Ficus elastica Hint
  • What's the scientific name for the common daisy? Answer: Bellis perennis Hint
  • Which part of the scientific name is capitalised? Answer: 1st (genus) is capital letter 2nd (species) is not Hint
  • What defines a species? Answer: Group that can produce fertile offspring Hint
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