Mammoth Memory


To remember that:
The genome is made up of all the chromosomes,
Chromosomes are made up of DNA,
DNA is made up of Genes (segments),
Genes (segments) are made up of nucleotides,
Nucleotides are made up of phosphates, sugars and bases.

Then remember the following story:

Genome – Home to all the chromosomes

Memory aid to remember that the genome is home to all genetic information

The Genies home (genome) had many chimneys.

The genome is all your chromosomes, home to all your genetic information. The information needed to build a specific organism and allow it to grow and develop.


The human genome is made up of 46 chromosomes

Chromosome image showing that humans need 46 chromosomes in the genome and the mosquito only needs six

The genome of chimpanzees is made up of 48 chromosomes

The genome of the yellow fever mosquito is made up of just 6 chromosomes

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