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Remembering meiosis and mitosis

Meiosis (pronounced “my-oh-siss”) is the process by which gametes (sex cells) are generated for reproduction. Mitosis, on the other hand, is the process by which new cells are produced for growth and replacement.

Meiosis is in the ovaries

Mitosis is in the toesies 

This statement helps you to remember that meiosis is about reproduction and mitosis occurs in growth.


During meiosis, eggs (gametes) are produced in the ovaries of a female animal or the female part of a plant (ovule). In addition, sperm is produced in a male animal or pollen on the anther of a plant are generated.


Meiosis produces sperm in the testes and eggs in the ovaries

Meiosis produces sperm in the testes                                                                   Meiosis produces eggs in the ovaries




In plants, meiosis produces pollen grains in the anthers and egg cells within the ovary.

Through meiosis plants produce pollen and eggs

Meiosis vs. mitosis

Below is another way to remember what meiosis is:

Memory aid saying meiosis makes eggs in ovaries and sperm in scrotum


Meiosis makes egg in ovaries, sperm in scrotum

Therefore, mitosis is the other form of production of new cells (which is by cell division).

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