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Ovary – Fruit

The ovary forms into the fruit. The fruit aids in seed dispersal.

The ovary forms into fruit which helps disperse seeds

In the previous story you notice that the car while doing oval donuts passes an aviary.

In the aviary there are fruit bats, and at night they are let out and disperse.


In biology a fruit holds the seeds. A fruit in everyday language is thought of as oranges, pears and apples etc. But botanically so too are tomatoes, cucumbers and pods that contain peas although each of these are used as vegetables in food. The fruit helps in the dispersal of the seed.

An annotated before and after diagram of the ovary forming into fruit


Difference between fruit and vegetable.

Botanically a fruit holds the seed and a vegetable is the stem, roots or leaves.

But the general public consider fruit as sweet and vegetables as savoury.

A table showing the categories of the botanical fruit and vegetables. Fruit hold seeds while veg are stems roots and leaves

This has been a debate over many years but was partly settled by the United States Supreme Court case Nix vs Hedden in 1893 which ruled that a tomato should be taxed as a vegetable rather than the lesser rate of a fruit, even though the court acknowledged the tomato was a fruit botanically.

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