Mammoth Memory

The pollen nucleus fuses with the egg in the ovule

The pollen nucleus that travels down the pollen tube then fuses with the egg inside the ovule.

The pollen can travel down the tube to fertilize the egg within the ovule

The car crashes into the cart being pulled by a mule (ovule) which was packed full of eggs (egg). The collision causes a real mess but they all refuse (fuse) to clean it up.



When the pollen tube has entered the ovary the pollen nucleus from the pollen grain travels down the pollen tube into the ovule and fertilises the egg within it.

The egg is fertilised

Once an egg is fertilized it becomes a seed the seed is sorounded by a food store that provides the embryo with enough food to continue growth

When the egg has been fertilised it becomes a seed. The food store of the seed provides the energy the embryo needs to germinate and continue to grow.

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