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Generalists – live in many habitats

Generalists are organisms with adaptations that enable them to survive in a range of different habitats.

Generalists are organisms that have adapted to live in many different habitats

The general listed (generalist) the many places (many habitats) he had lived in.


Humans, foxes, cockroaches and raccoons are able to live in many different places

Generalists include humans, foxes, raccoons and cockroaches. They are usually omnivores which enables them to take advantage of whatever food source is available in a certain habitat. Humans’ large brains and intelligence have enabled them to use tools to create clothing suitable for many different climates and source food all around the world.

Cockroaches and other generalists are able to live in places of wide temperature ranges

Most generalists such as cockroaches can tolerate a wide range of temperatures which enables them to survive in many different environments.

Foxes can be found in the arctic, deserts and rain forests amongst other places

As generalists foxes can be found in many different habitats from cold arctic conditions to forests and deserts.

Raccoons and pigeons have become generalists at they have adapted to live in urban areas

Generalists like raccoons are often better able to take advantage of urban environments created by humans. Raccoons are omnivores that eat a very varied diet from fish and crayfish they catch in streams to plant material or scavenged meat. They also have opposable thumbs and a similar hand structure to humans which has enabled them to take advantage of bins containing human food waste in urban environments.

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