Mammoth Memory

Artificial – Man-made

Not naturally occurring, man-made.

Man made forces are another environment factor

The man made himself a new artificial leg so he could run faster.


Artificial or man-made influences on an ecosystem can take many forms.

The hoover dam blocked the Colorado river flooding land behind it

When the Hoover dam was built in the Mojave desert, it blocked the Colorado river, flooding the land to create Lake Mead.

Pesticides used on crops control the number of unwanted insects and plants within a field.

95% of pesticides effect species that they were not intended for such as fish in water courses, bees and plants

However over 95% of sprayed pesticides affect other areas or species that they were not intended for.

Plastic dumping is a major environment factor for marine life as it takes years to decompose, traps animals and kills when consumed by fish and birds

Rubbish and other waste can trap animals.

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