Mammoth Memory

Natural selection – the best wins

Process by which organisms with adaptations that are more suited to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring.

Natural selection is the species that can adapt to its surroundings best

In nature’s election (natural selection) the best candidate wins.


Due to natural selection redwood trees have becomes the largest in the world these out compete smaller trees

Natural selection has led to redwood trees becoming the largest in the world. Taller trees out-compete smaller ones for light and so are more likely to thrive and reproduce.

Male peacocks with the largest and brightest tail feathers reproduce more than others

Female peacocks find males with the largest and brightest tail feathers more attractive so males with these characteristics reproduce more.

Cheetahs that are fast and agile have a better chance to live than others

The fastest cheetahs are more likely to catch prey and hence stand a better chance of surviving and reproducing, so the traits that enable them to run fast are more likely to be passed on to subsequent generations.

Giraffes have to have long necks to reach leaves at the very top of trees meaning smaller giraffes will not survive

The best leaves are found at the top of acacia trees, so only giraffes with the longest necks are able to reach them. This has led to those giraffes being more successful and passing on the genes for long necks to their offspring.

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