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Reactions with steam: how you remember

Ask yourself: “What can a metal in the reactivity series possibly produce with steam?”

“What can K, Li or Mg + H2O produce?”



Either <metal> hydroxide + Hydrogen
    <metal> OH + H2


Or <metal> oxide + Hydrogen
    <metal> O + H2



Wow, it’s that easy!

Let’s also say that steam separates all the hydrogen from the oxygen, so:

Cold water + Reacting metal <metal> hydroxide + Hydrogen
        <metal> OH + H2




Steam + Reacting metal <metal> oxide + Hydrogen
        <metal> O + H2


Example 1

Water + Magnesium Magnesium hydroxide + Hydrogen
2H2O + Mg Mg(OH)2 + H2    


Example 2

Steam + Magnesium Magnesium oxide + Hydrogen
H2O + Mg MgO + H2



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