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Remembering the reactivity series of metals Method 1

Here’s a story that should help you remember the order of metals in the reactivity series, from top to bottom, most reactive to least reactive:

 Potato king swatting flies

The potato king (potassium - K) was worried about a plague of gnats attracted by the large amounts of … 

 Empty soda bottles in front of a sign proclaiming the banning of soda

 … soda (sodium - Na) being drunk in his kingdom. He issued a decree banning soda pop drinking.

 woman with gun holding a baby next to a pram full of soda

Soda was the favourite drink of a lethal mum (lithium - Li) living in the kingdom, and she threatened to shoot anyone who went along with his decree. 

 Image of a cat skeleton drinking milk for its calcium

However, the lethal mum’s bony cat (calcium - Ca) persuaded her and everyone else to drink milk instead. 

 grubs drinking milk

The increase in discarded milk cartons led to a plague of maggots (magnesium - Mg) which got into everything. 

 Image of alligators after they've eaten lots of maggots

 The local alligators (aluminium - Al) loved the maggots. They ate mounds of them and grew extremely large.

 Image of an alligator throwing a car into the water

They became so big and strong that when they crossed the road, cars just bounced off them and burst into flames. Some burning cars landed in the sea (carbon – C). 

 Car colliding with a boat carrying a zulu warrior and a nun

 One car collided with a boat carrying a Zulu and a nun, causing it to sink (zinc - Zn). 

image of a tribesman ironing someone's clothes

The nun and the Zulu swam ashore. The nun removed her habit and socks and waited for them to dry in the sun. The Zulu used an iron with his feet (iron - Fe) to get the wrinkles out of them for her. 

 Iron hitting a tin of snails, sending them flying

The iron hit a lump in a pocket, which turned out to be a tin of snails (tin - Sn). The tin was split open and suddenly a snail shot out and … 

 Picture of a snail that has travelled over a jar of peanut butter with a pencil in it

… did a P.B. (personal best) time rolling away. (Only snails that feed on peanut butter (lead – Pb) can do this!) 

 Image of a dragon carrying a snail

 A dragon hovering high above (hydrogen – H) swooped down and snapped up the snail in its huge claws. 

  Image of police officer pointing accusingly at a dragon

As it rested later, the dragon was approached by a policeman (copper - Cu) who said: “No dragons allowed to fly here! See you in court!” 

 gorillas dressed as high court judges

At the court hearing, two silverback gorillas (silver – Ag) appeared for the dragon … 

 Goldfish lawyer showing the court evidence

… and a goldfish (gold – Au) put the case for the prosecution. 

 Platypus dressed as a judge

The judge was a platypus with platinum hair (platinum – Pt). 


However, the case had to be abandoned as the judge fell asleep and could not be awakened for the rest of the day. Remember, the lower a metal is in the reactivity series, the less reactive it is – and platinum is right at the bottom, marking the end of our story.

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