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The anti log tables                                       

`69.31\times 57.43`

Is the same as `10^1.8408\times 10^1.7591` (see previous pages)

Add the indices:

First make the sum before looking at the antilog table

This equals `10^3.5999`

So how do we convert `10^3.5999` back to a normal number?

We can either use

1.  Anti log tables


2.  log tables in reverse


Anti log tables                                  

Anti log `10^3.5999`

Anti logs only work between 0 and 1

`10^3.5999` = `10^3\times10^0.5999`

`10^3 = 1000`

And we must look up `0.5999`

Here is part of the anti log tables:

First look up 0.59999 on the anti log table

`3.972 + 8 ` (to the last digit) `= 3.980`

Anti log table of `0.5999 = 3.980`

So `10^3.5999 = 10^3\times 10^0.5999`

Or `10^3.5999 = 1000\times 3.980`

     ` = 3980`



There is one other way to look up the anti log figure if you don’t have an anti log table and that is to use the log tables in reverse.

 Anti log tables = Log tables in reverse


Anti log of 0.5999 but using log tables in reverse

Here is part of the log tables:

Anti logarithm tables are logarithm tables in reverse

`0.5999 = 3.980`                                                     

(So this provides the same answer)

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